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Two Pink Mushrooms

Nov. 22nd I posted this in Facebook "A few posts ago i talked about the two purple mushrooms for the two Cindy's in our family. Now I must think about 2 "Ks" in our family, one on each side, Kimberly (mine) and Kayla (Arleney's side)--both are granddaughters we love. Both like pink so I will try my hand at mixing paint. I love our blended family! --Work in progress.---And we have another Kimberly we love as we watched her grow up as we dined at Richmaid Restaurant---No time to get old. Too busy!" Here are the two pinks.. I mixed paint for the pink. This is not a 1-Sot enamel color.

--by ol'Roff

  • Artist : Grandpa ol'Roff
  • Price : For Two Granddaughters